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  • Another Day Rusts

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    Another Day Rusts

    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: Video Game: Horizon Zero Dawn
    • Genre: Dystopia, Futuristic Earth
    • RPG Rating: Another Day Rusts RPG Rating


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    Another Day Rusts is set in the post-apocalyptic world of Horizon: Zero dawn. This means that roughly 900 years ago the Faro Plague wiped out all life on Earth. Project Zero Dawn was the code name for a massive terraforming system designed to restore life to Earth after its extermination. Year 2381 was the earliest possible year where humans could begin repopulating the world.


    It's the year 3042. The Derangement has gone on for months now; machines under the control of GAIA lose command and control links and become more hostile. More dangerous and combat-oriented machines begin appearing.


    Aloy, a 21-year old Nora girl has left her tribe as a Seeker to track down the mysterious men who attacked their proving, and along the way she will discover secrets that the Earth has had locked away for almost a millennium.

    Site Updates

    29th October 2018


    A new announcement with updates have been made! A change to our post rule and collecting shards, and a new event in the works for November and December!

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