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      Human Steampunk & Clockwork Warring Kingdoms
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      Avatar: Hou Tian RPG Rating
    Hou Tian RP

    Strange rifts are appearing all over the world, unstable rips into the Spirit World that leaves destruction in their wake. The occurrence and scale of the explosions have been escalating, and recently, several people from all walks of life were abducted into the Spirit World. To their shock, those seized figured out that they were taken by the spirits themselves; a trio that reached out to explain their plight, seek help, and alert them that the human perpetrator behind the rifts holds the capacity to be far more dangerous than mere explosions.


    While she was once a helpful woman distressed about the expansion of civilization and the presumed loss of connection with the spirits and nature, Ayhan has gone from travelling naturalist to full blown radical, with a small sect of devoted followers behind her. The spirits impart that she has been using a green powder of mysterious origin to try and tear down areas that she believed interfered with the spirits and nature, simultaneously causing rifts in the veil that keeps the human and spirit worlds apart. The spirits fear that humans may start to venture into their world, or tear down the fabric between them completely; Ayhan has refused to heed their warnings about the devastation she may bring, thinking that only good could come from the worlds being opened to each other.


    Unknown to the spirits and those enlightened by them, the woman is headed to the Fire Nation, keenly interested in the Firelord's secret companion, a dragon, newly hatched from the Sun Warriors temple. It isn't the only trouble brewing within the Capital; the Original People of the Flame, a secretive and deadly shadow group of Ozai loyalists, are cementing their plans to have the throne under their influence once more.


    And the Avatar, the one being favored by spirit and human alike to neutralize these threats, is missing once more.




    In the present, Avatar Korra has officially returned to the public eye after a two year long trip in the Spirit World, where she'd worked to broker balance in response to Republic City's new spirit portal. Her welcome from dignitaries and officials alike already lukewarm, at the end of the month, the Avatar inherited a city in turmoil. Overnight, Republic City, scattered areas of the surrounding Earth Kingdom, and even ships returning from the Fire Nation all suffered a series of attacks from masked, black-clad assailants. Though some of their weaponry calls to mind that of the Equalist movement, their origins and motives are unknown.


    With hundreds of civilians injured or worse, and a smaller number appearing to have been kidnapped, officials are finding their feet held to the fire over a lack of answers. As the RCPD and other agencies focus on trying to figure out who is responsible and locate the missing citizens, official tallies make it clear that benders comprise of most of the unaccounted for, and some media outlets pick up on the numbers, their articles hinting the resurgence of anti-bending forces.


    The city's triads have been spurred to action by reports suggesting that benders were targeted; recruitment is up, and hard territorial lines are being not only enforced, but encroached on-- putting the previous cease fire between the Red Monsoons, Triple Threats, and Agni Kais on the line. After all, the headcount of missing benders last month included a couple of their own gangsters; retribution must be sought.


    For most, life continues on; though efforts were slowed by post-attack cleanup, Rev Enterprises continues to retrofit the city with spirittech -technology that utilizes spiritvine energy- in an endeavor publicly known as The New Energy Initiative. Construction further into the Eastern Mountain region also continues under the order of President Raiko, though those that were displaced by the most recent destruction continue to complain about the sting of neglect, some joining the tent city and Viridian Valley denizens still feeling the repercussions of Kuvira's attack all those years ago.


    Months have passes since the attack, and while some citizens have returned to normalcy as best they can, the fuse has been lit. There's no telling what will happen next.



    Your Choice: Work to bring the world to peace, to chaos, or just to survive another day. When the world is in your hands, what will you do with it?

    A summary of gameplay progression so far, bringing you up to speed since the launch of Hou Tian can be found here.

    • 6 June 2021

    We have added the Headcount at the top of our forum so members can view the ratios for the characters being played around the site!  

    In character, the Avatar has returned! He now reunites with his team of friends after nearly a full year of separation. Meanwhile, the Fire Nation is in full-on preparation mode for the upcoming royal wedding, but the more pressing matter is on the other side of the world where forces from the Si Wong are quietly building their power to take control of Ba Sing Se.


    •  9 May 2021

    Hou Tian is having an Activity Check! Members are cleaning up their character rosters, tidying thread trackers, and updating character profiles! We don't host activity checks very often, but when we do, we make 'em count! This particular activity check will end with staff updating our new Headcount area of the site to help our members get a feel for the variety of characters we have around the board! 🙂


    • 1 April 2021

    April has come to Hou Tian, and with it, the Fire Nation in the Aangverse is the place to be with Princess Azula finally reuniting with her older brother in the palace, a royal wedding in sight, a new addition to the royal family on the way, dissenters ready to seize the throne for themselves, nobles dying under suspicious circumstances, rifts ripping holes between the spiritual and physical worlds, the world's only known living dragon a target in a larger scheme, and a new branch of Kyoshi Warriors!


    Where is our Avatar when we need him most?


    Who will bring balance to this chaos?

    • Nightingale

      Types of characters: Friends,Foes/Enemies,Other

      AKA Zia's gang. Don't call them a group of misfits, she collects only the best. Their reasons for joining are wide and varied, but there's one trait they've all developed - loyalty to her. And she plans on keeping her claws in each of them.

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