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    1870 London, England. Queen Victoria reigned over a population that was growing not just in its education of women, but in the ability to vote and create a better state and economy than before, showing Britain’s status as the most powerful empire in the world.



    Circus at Cremorne

    A popular pleasure garden by the side of the Thames in Chelsea, Cremorne Gardens was notably the place to see all variety of entertainment from 1845-1877. A place to not only admire the many flowers that grew there, but to enjoy Concerts, fireworks, ballet, tournaments, a menagerie, dancing and so much more. The circus was one of the places to be, where you could find not only great acrobats and tamers, but clowns and fire breathers, fortune tellers, and odd folks or “freaks”. Who were the people that provided entertainment for all? Where did they come from? Why were they there at Cremorne? The mystery lies beyond the tent where the magic of the circus comes alive. 

    Sing Sweet Nightingale

    Set up in 1860 in St. Thomas’ Hospital, the Florence Nightingale school of Nursing was founded shortly after the Crimean War due greatly to Florence Nightingale herself and her efforts during the conflict. Graduates were called Nightingales and studied for a year, as well as lived within the training schools facilities. Students attended classes and patients at St. Thomas’ Hospital, where anywhere from twenty to thirty students were accepted every year. It was through this learning and training that women in particular were given great opportunities to assist in the medical field. Whether a common class woman or a ‘Lady’, the school was open to all and the doctor’s of St. Thomas were there to teach, but just how many were willing? Wash your hands, pay attention, and step through the doors into St. Thomas’ Hospital.

    Whispers In Westminster Palace

    Fully refurbished and refinished, rebuilt slowly from the ashes of a fire decades prior, the Palace is finally finished! Parliament is open once more, just like every year, only with the recent talks of threats, bullying, and bribery, do we really know what’s going on in Westminster Palace? Who are these men that make the decisions for the rest of us? Do the House of Lords understand the people half as well as The House of Commons do, or is there little hope to accomplish much to benefit those who truly deserve it? What’s hiding behind the walls of the Palace? It’s time to step into the Chambers where the sessions are taking place and place your votes!


    Deep In the Underbelly

    Scoundrels, thugs, thieves, and so much more, the underbelly of London is hiding away the worst of the scum that you can find within the limits. With gangs on the loose, such as The Bricky Colts, and the East End a breeding ground for not only members but leaders as well, it feels like the only path to take for those who want to survive the harsh state of the city. Opium is in high demand, weapons are being traded and sold, and information is priceless and necessary to stay on top of the game and ahead of the curve. There’s nothing quite like the thrill and adrenaline that comes with the threats and the power but is that enough to keep the scales tipped in one's favor? It’s smart to keep a gun close and friends closer, but it’s even smarter to be wary when in the shadows of London.


    As an 18+ Premium Jcink play by post, character plot driven, board with a 3/3/3 rating, we welcome players to join us in this historical fiction setting to create their own original characters or collaborate with other wanted characters/plots. From comedy to tragedy and everything in between, we welcome every genre that fits into this mature and realistic setting where creative writers come together to create an experience.

    We use Discord as our primary Out of Character medium of communication and greatly encourage anyone interested in the site to join us there for more information.


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