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    Blackwell Bay
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    Blackwell Bay, MA. Est. 1626

    Welcome to Blackwell Bay, Massachusetts, a large coastal town just north of Salem. Hidden along the coast by the ominous, vast cover of Blackwell Forest, the town has been a safe haven for Humans and Supernaturals for centuries. While their counter parts were being burned only miles away, the residents of Blackwell Bay managed to keep themselves safe from the hysteria of the puritans.

    This allowed the community to prosper and since that time, the town has grown by tens of thousands. Now it is a thriving town They say, once you live in the bay, you never want to leave.

    It’s not known how true that really is, but the residents who do leave usually finds themselves home again one way or another.

    Most of the human population in town are oblivious that those who live among them are anything other than human and this allows for a relatively peaceful existence.

    As the most powerful of creatures, the Witches maintain the town order, generation after generation inheriting the responsibility from their ancestors of keeping the towns darkest secrets under wraps and cleaning up any potential messes that find their way into their Utopia.

    Blackwell Bay’s not perfect by any means, but the Covens would far prefer human crime and delinquency over Supernatural chaos. The hunters that live among them live by a strict code, and they have no desire to draw in any rogue ones.

    There is unrest growing within the underworld of the Supernatural. While witches have been in charge for centuries, the Vampires and Werewolves are beginning to think that it may be time for a regime change. The word of this unrest is spreading around the country and drawing less savory Supernaturals to town and rogue hunters not too far behind them.

    The council must act together to protect the secret of their existence from being exposed to the world at large.

    The Supernatural Utopia of Blackwell Bay is being threatened and it’s still unknown what steps people will take to make sure things go their own way.

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