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  • Blood & Silver
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    Blood & Silver

    • Type: Fandom
    • Genre: Medieval Magic, Supernatural, Warring Kingdoms
    • RPG Rating: Blood & Silver RPG Rating



    It is the Summer Season of the year 1272. Nilfgaard has invaded the North, leaving destruction in their wake. Monsters appear with alarmingly increasing frequency. Some attribute the anomaly to war, others whisper of another Conjunction. None can be certain. The Church of the Eternal Fire reaches its avaricious grip across the Nordling lands. Its influence spreads, washing the people in fear. War with the Aed Seidhe is a recent, painful memory, one that yet creates animosity between the two people. The world is in chaos, ever inching toward a breaking point.


    In our AU, none of the canon Witcher characters exist. The world is changed for this; the Wild Hunt has not appeared, Geralt and his merry band are nonexistent, and the world is ours for the shaping. We allow players to pick up any character they'd like to play. Witchers, sorcerers, kings, and emperors are all on the table. Canon characters are the only type of characters off limits.


    We are a relaxed 3/3/3 roleplay, welcome to players of all experience levels. We do not have word count minimums and utilize a simple character application. To keep things as red tape free as possible, we function on the honor system. We ask that players keep the story first and engage in giving and taking when it comes to character success and failure. 

    Site Updates

    Update June 6, 2020:

    The Emperor Edryd var Rhys is dead. Assassinated by the Church of the Eternal Flame's hand on a diplomatic visit to Novigrad. The event was grisly, the var Meer estate destroyed and nearly all of the guests killed either in the fire or by assassins. With his death, his eldest son, Emyr var Rhys, ascends to the throne, taking control of the Nilfgaardian Empire. Both a somber and celebratory affair, it has drawn courtiers from across the Empire to the City of Golden Towers.

    The stage has been set for a new era of politics and the Continent holds its breath to see what the newly crowned emperor will do in the face of this most heinous slight.  

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