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    Now One Month Old!


    In the year 2182 the United Nations Relocation Committee launched the UNES Odyssey to populate their first ever interstellar colony. At an undetermined point in its sixteen year journey through space, the ship crashed. Would-be colonists wake from stasis in an undeveloped land on an unknown planet.

    In this lawless, undiscovered wilderness virtually anything is possible. Will you take to life in nature and seek a quiet peace? Will you seize the opportunity to take control and gain power you've always wanted? Or will you seek to learn about this new land and make what discoveries you can? Hoard your resources or see what nature can provide? Look out for yourself or cooperate with those around you as you all try to stay alive?

    Brave This World is a brand new 18+ Jcink Premium roleplay where almost anything goes. With no word count, and laid back activity requirements, our community is perfect for writers of any ability. BTW is based heavily on the idea of discovery and community development. Opportunities abound for world building and exploration; will you search for answers in the wreckage? Will you organize survivors? Seize the opportunity to take control? Will you adapt and overcome or break and be defeated? What's out there and what will you do to survive?

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    • Alea

      Types of characters: Family,Romantic

      Looking for family members for survivors of the crash of an interstellar colony ship

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