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    Built To Fall
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    Built To Fall

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Modern Magic, Mythical Creatures, Supernatural
    • RPG Rating: Built To Fall RPG Rating
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    The world is definitely not ending. But it feels that way because that is truly how many people believe. Individuals walk mindlessly past each other on the busy streets paying no mind to what lurks in the darkness. Mortals have always been like this, mindless and carefree, and never cared to look past the surface. They are ignorant of the creatures of the dark and are trained to turn a blind eye to what they can't explain. But it wasn't always this way. Eons ago, if someone were to say they saw a werewolf in the woods, a vampire residing in a brooding castle, a witch casting their depraved spells, or an angel on their right shoulder and a demon on their left, it would be believed to be true. But now, as the mortals grow in population and those creatures of the night adapted to the growing world, things became that much easier for the predators of old. Humans forgot what it was like to feel fear. What it meant to ask the Gods for protection. This carelessness allowed something powerful and malevolent to plot and scheme its way back into existence, escaping the prison he was locked away in until the end of time. His vengeance is what drives him to want to watch the world burn. But don’t worry little mortal, you were meant to be part of something bigger because this world was always Built to Fall.

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    Week three and still alive and kicking! Come join us for our first site event, things will surely go out with a bang! 

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