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    By Wit & Whitby is a Victorian-era site set in a coastal tourist town. Later on popularized by Bram Stoker's infamous Dracula, it was rich with history long before our protagonists' stories unfold.


    Do you like...

    • No word count?
    • No activity checks?
    • No character caps?
    • Skipping the application approval process and jumping right in?
    • A quirky and respectful community?

    Then we may be the site for you!


    Currently, our character ensembles include career criminals, the aristocrats they pickpocket, and your average working class folk just trying to get by.


    Will your cast find untold treasures? Will what they achieve be everything they imagined? Come check us out and see if our disasters are right for you.

    We're a quiet but friendly atmosphere. Stop by and see if you'd like to roll a character to start some more fires have a grand old time!

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