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  • Caeleste

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    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Animals: Equine
    • RPG Rating: Caeleste RPG Rating



    Caeleste is a fantasy equine play-by-post role play that thrives off member creativity and innovative ability. Our game is intended for users that are 17+ years of age or older and have a strong grasp of forum role play in the play-by-post fashion. Although we are considered an intermediate to advanced site we are always open to members who are new to role play and/or new to forum based role play. We are a community that fosters mature role players who strive for member establishment and love for one another. Since we’re all here to write and create unique stories to suit our own fancies our goal is to be a tight knit community without cliques, drama and similar unwanted traits.

    Site Updates

    01/02/2019 - New Deity After SWP
    After the most recent site wide plot a new deity has appeared bringing another season to Caeleste with more magical opportunities! With the new deity also comes new turf to be claimed and an empire built within the underwater realm.

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