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  • Capes Are Overrated
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    Capes Are Overrated

    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: Comic: Marvel and X-Men Universe, Movie: Marvel Cinematic Universe
    • Genre: Modern Superpowers
    • RPG Rating: Capes Are Overrated RPG Rating



    Capes are Overrated is a Marvel Multiverse site, set post Civil War MCU, incorporating comic characters and those introduced later in the MCU. This is a sandbox RPG that allows you to incorporate characters from the comics, shows, and movies and piece them together in a whole new reality. We are character and member driven.

    There has been a dimensional shift. Only a select few seemed to be even aware that something is off. Many like the X-Men are waking up to find their lives and realities have completely changed, while others remain blissfully ignorant. Those that have shifted are trying to wrap their head around how they now fit into the world, while those familiar with the current reality are trying to make sense of the sudden appearance of those they have never seen before. Even those many were confident, were dead, are said to be alive and well. 

    How will you shape the Marvel Universe?

    Site Updates

    Update 6/28
    We've clarified out site timeframe and smoothed out the setting! We are officially set in Summer 2016, post MCU Civil War. We apologize for just clarifying this now, part of the soft opening disclaimer.

    What this means going forward:
    Characters can be from ealier or later in the MCU timeline, and they can realize they're in 2016
    X-Men and mutants are, by default, from another dimension and brought over by the shift. Because, let's be real, the X-Men are kind of used to this nonsense. SHIELD is recently aware of their presence, but doesn't have the history the X-Men bring with them. Including memories of another civil war....
    Characters fitting into different comic realities are welcomed!

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