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  • Carnaval De Sang. Adult Only

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    Carnaval De Sang.

    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: TV: The Originals, TV: Vampire Diaries
    • Genre: Mythical Creatures, Supernatural
    • RPG Rating: Carnaval De Sang. RPG Rating


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    "No matter what we do. The carnaval de sang goes on..."


    An AU site. Set post TVD & TO final seasons. We continue the endless carnival of blood left in the wake as once more, factions struggle to remain at peace. And an old darkness is re-released as a sacrifice is reversed.


    Intermediate to advanced writers, but no word count. Our own original supernatural species added into the site canon, expanding the TVD/TO universe beyond its vampires, wolves witches & hybrids. Graphic & mature themes. Optional event, location & faction specific storylines once we start to grow. With the over all moving plot being character driven. OC's, are love. LGBTQ friendly.  Popular & main canons, dead, or alive, are available for grabs. 


    Join us, as we continue & preserve the legacy of these much loved characters & this gift of a fandom. Our way. Opening up the doors for new trials & adventures. As well as for old rivalries to rear their heads once more. All that was once lost. Indeed has the means to be returned. The dead, restored. As the greatest of sacrifices headed a deeper plot to heal yet another wrong. But. At what cost?

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