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  • Carnaval De Sang
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    Carnaval De Sang

    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: Panfandom, TV: The Originals, TV: Vampire Diaries
    • Genre: Modern Magic, Mythical Creatures, Supernatural
    • RPG Rating: Carnaval De Sang RPG Rating
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    Bienvenue. We are a play by post, member driven  AU, based on the CW versions of The Originals, The Vampire Diaries. And Legacies. Set after the conclusions of the final season of both ended shows, and the present timeline of Legacies.

    We continue the continuous carnival of blood always left in the wake of collisions between all the differing factions.

    As they once more, struggle to remain at peace.

    We have a 3/3/3 rating. No word count. And are an intermediate to advanced account per character site.


    No matter what we do. The carnival of blood, goes on.

    Peace. It is a noble notion. Yet an unrealistic one. People by their very nature, fear what is different. So unrest between the supernatural, will never be quelled. And humanity...it will never truly accept the existence of these ungodly creatures. In a land of gods & monsters. Supernaturals, will always be painted as the latter. No matter how great their sacrifice.

    Even a sacrifice, as great as the end of 'Always & Forever'.

    Welcome to Carnaval De Sang. An AU game based on the CW series collective, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals & Legacies. Set after the events of season 8 of the Diaries, & season 5 of The Originals. And during the current season of Legacies. We continue the stories, & preserve the legacy of these much loved characters & this gift of a fandom. Our way. Opening up the doors for new trials & adventures. As well as for old rivalries to rear their heads once more. All that was once lost. Indeed has the means to be returned. The dead, restored. As the greatest of sacrifices headed a deeper plot to heal yet another wrong.

    Absorbing the darkness to save Hope, a grave plan was formed by the Mikaelson's. Niklaus, now with the darkness inside him, would end his life, & take the power out with him, with his most faithful of brother's at his side. Then, with the power of a gathering of the strongest witches, all brought to New Orleans, Freya, Davina, Valerie & Bonnie, would perform an ancient & forbidden spell, to bring them back, from the deepest recesses of the Dark Dimension. A place where supernaturals go when they die. Bringing all their lost loved ones with them. All without Hope's knowledge, leaving her to focus on her new life in Mystic Falls.

    But at what cost? Not all come back as they once were. Those unlucky enough to have found themselves in the hell dimension have succumbed to becoming demons to lighten their pain. And those who were at peace. How will they feel being thrust back into a world full of suffering & turmoil? Especially with forces greater than any realised seeping into the very foundations of the land they tread. The Ancestral Witches are angered. And Dark forces literally inhabit every crack in every brick, of certain areas of the fair city of New Orleans. And a newly restarted Mystic Falls suffers a similar fate. The consecrated ground it lays on becoming a hot bed of malignant power. As power as great & strong as the Darkness. Does not just disappear. It manifests in other ways. And in turn, creeps into all who come in contact with it. Stirring frictions to rise once more between species & families.

    Danger lurks everywhere. And with factions rising, who know of the casting of the spell, & believe the darkness should be siphoned back into all & any who are strong enough to contain it. Before dispatching them back to their death. Is anyone truly safe?

    The Streets of New Orleans will run with blood once more. And as for Mystic Falls.Salvatore school for the young & gifted, headed by a currently in the dark towards the returned dead & angered ancestors, Professor Vardamus, finds itself filled with more & more supernaturals honing their skills...which, can only serve to feed the darkness more...as more and more attacks from strange and mythical supernaturals set their sights on the town, spewing out of the recently opened Malivore.

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