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    The year is 1893.

    After a magical attempt on her life in 1877, Queen Victoria launched a crusade against magic that, while tidied up by the Ministry of Magic, saw the Wizarding community exiled to Hogsmeade, previously little more than a crossroad near the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In the years that have passed since, Hogsmeade has suffered plagues, fires, and Victorian hypocrisy but is still standing firm. A decade later, relations between the Crown and the magical community have at last been restored, but it is a tentative truce as trust begins to be developed once more.

    Charming mixes the fantastic universe of Harry Potter with the culture of Victorian England to create an engaging universe shaped by the characters within it. Established in 2010, we continue to grow (in character and out!), inspired by the magical world that our creations inhabit.

    Join us this coming fall as we prepare for the election of a new Minister for Magic! Who knows what could happen?






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    Charming is an active Potterverse RPG set during the reign of Queen Victoria.


    This means all the magic, links and high-jinx of the Wizarding World, fused with the chaperones, parasols and philandering butlers of Jane Austen and Downton Abbey. Yup! It makes for exactly the kind of captivating atmosphere you’re imagining.


    Such an interlacing setting could come with lots of boring rules, but not at Charming! The guidelines make everything as clear and succinct as possible. The rules are minimal and friendly, and there is always help at hand should you need it. Exactly the same can be said for the application process, which is not just quick and easy but genuinely enjoyable. Flesh out your character as much or as little as you’d like, check you’re not doing anything weird like apping someone born 100 years in the future, and you’re in.


    Then the real fun begins. You have an awesome range of environments to explore and post in, from Hogwarts and St Mungo’s to the well-realised city of Hogsmeade and its neighbouring mountain town of Irvingly. There is no shortage of open threads, networking invitations, and plots both bitesized and epic. I’ve only been at Charming three months and I’ve already made a boat fly, sailed to Africa, attended the Hogwarts Coming Out Ball, evaded a steampunk ghoul, befriended a murderer’s daughter, been poisoned, and had kittens.


    All characters are original, but there is an opportunity to play ancestors of canon characters (from Bagshots to Burkes) plus a whole lot of adoptables should you choose to incorporate yourself into an established family.


    There are tonnes of IC and OOC activities to take part in if you’d like, including creative/adorable/hilarious monthly challenges, Daily Prophet dramas, writing goals, movie nights, raffles, and collectable stamps. But it’s not overwhelming because you aren’t pressured to join in and you don’t lose out if you choose not to. Thanks to the openness and adaptability of the staff and how the game has been designed, Charming can be as busy/buzzing or as chill/leisurely as you’d like.


    From what I’ve experienced so far, Charming doesn’t just *say* everyone is welcome — it proves it.

    So if you’re seeking the best Potterverse RPG ever, join Charming and consider your mischief managed. ^____^

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