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    Chilling Adventures

    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: My Fandom is not in the list
    • Genre: Crime, Modern Magic, Multi-Genre
    • RPG Rating: Chilling Adventures RPG Rating
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    Chilling Adventures, is  a warm & welcoming, AU, interactive premium jcink site. Which crosses over the television  shows The chilling adventures of Sabrina, & Riverdale. New & shiny just out of the box, we have now hit four months old, and already flourished into an active, thriving community, where everyone's individual stories all connect & slot together, each storyline slotting in, to become a part of your character's history. Giving you, yes you,  the power to influence events over all, as things unfold. - Within reason of course 😉

    Canons & originals we're open to all.  AU themes & ideas are loved. Very LGBTQ friendly. Group events.  With our latest one currently in swing - it's still not too late to get involved.

    we also boast a very unique site store, where you can earn points, simply by making posts with your character,  and purchase wonderful IC items, which you can even include in your actual roleplays.  Buy all your hexing needs.  Curse other members. Influence events with spells. Protect yourselves against them. As well as some dope little extras. Such as group member ships, personality traits, unique job claims. And so much more.  Can't leave our mortal residents out of the fun!

    We have no word count requirement. And a very simple shipper style app, which will then count as your plotter. You simply fill that out, fill out your profle, & BOOM. You're good to go. Activity checks will be made. As above all, the most important criteria is, you must be active & want to post, & interact  with other characters from the show in active threads & story lines. As posting & activity is the life force & soul of the site. Plots and over all through-line of the site, are member driven. So if you don't intend to post, you won't get anything out of being a member.


    We class ourselves as a mature / adult site, in that, all of our players must be adult or over the age of 18 behind the characters. In other words, younger roles within the group are/should be, written by adults. Though sadly at this time, due to the mature nature, we cannot accept characters & face claims below the age of 17 at the very minimum.

    So what are you waiting for? Don't delay. Come & be a part of the magick today. Let your imagination & creativity run free. Whether you are a Riverdale or Greendale resident, new adventures will be waiting for you just over the river...

    The question is. Have you got the spine for it?

    Site Updates

    We now have a very sexy, brand spanking new look!

    So do come along & check it out!.


    We are fast approaching our 6 month birthday. Planned celebrations are on the way! Events for it shall be kicking off soon!

    Also, we now have yet another new interactive feature to the site we have just unveiled-  Sweetwater Confessions... a place for your characters to tell us how they really feel!

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    GORGEOUS Board! Great staff and members! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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