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  • Chronicles of Aereth
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    Chronicles of Aereth

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Historical Magic, Medieval Magic, Mythical Creatures
    • RPG Rating: Chronicles of Aereth RPG Rating
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    Welcome to the Chronicles of Aereth, a world of magic, myth, and legend. Here you will find dragons that work in concert with people to defend the world from the Shadowborn, dark beings that bring chaos and death. Many of Aereth’s cultures have evolved and consider magic and their connection to it normal. Others, many of them influenced by people from various Earth time-periods, fear magic and loathe the use of it.


    Aereth first opened in May 2015 and ran steadily for three years. It was, and is, an original sandbox take on our favorite fandoms (books, movies, and television). Real-life interfered, and we had to step back for a while. We also took the time to revise some of the lore and move from the Nova platform back to forums.



    • Forum software built exclusively for roleplaying.
    • One OOC account, unlimited character profiles.
    • Many races, species, and nations to choose from for your character(s).
    • Easy to complete character profiles (sheets).
    • No applications.
    • Ability to opt-in or opt-out of reading and writing mature content (L,S,V).
    • No word counts.
    • No character limits.
    • Well organized lore site.
    • Discord

    Site Updates

    Due to management absence (illness), Aereth has come to a standstill but never fear! Admin will be undertaking a review of our site and start a new round of promotions! We might be resting, but we are not dead!


    Chronicles of Aereth is open and moving along. It is slow-going right now with the world in turmoil over Covid-19. Drop in! We'd love to have you look us over.


    We have loads of room for new characters! In-character posting has started. Come, check out the site!


    Come and join the fun and magic at the Chronicles of Aereth!  We are open and accepting new members and characters. We need dragonriders, dragons, and characters from all other walks of life. Need an inspiration? Browse our Characters Wanted list.

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