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    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Gods & Dieties, Medieval Magic, Warring Kingdoms
    • RPG Rating: Cineri RPG Rating
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    We are a medieval shifter site that welcomes members of all writing levels. 


    Six elements; four kingdoms. A series of wars have raged across the continent known as Eudocia, destroying towns and kingdom capitals alike. After the demi-god Sunil took over much of the inhabited world and used that power to ascend to the realm of the deities, the anarchy in his wake has left Eudocia exhausted. In the process of slowly rebuilding their kingdoms, citizens have begun to notice an increase of inexplicable disappearances and unnatural circumstances, and rumor has it that the other deities of old now roam the mortal plane, pushed out of their own realm by Sunil himself. 

    Site Updates

    11 August 2019: The neutral kingdom Tyrgere is currently in the process of reforming its central government. This plot has many open spaces for a variety of characters, including the Trade Tribune which will oversee all imports and exports into the nation. The Trade Tribune is currently listed in the Canon Characters Adoptables page and can be auditioned for. Those generally interested in getting into some political shenanigans can check out the current forming structure HERE

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