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    • Generations ago, Eudocia was composed of six tribes; earth, air, water, ice, fire, and lightning. With one ambassador from each tribe, they formed the Council, and appointed the great White One, Rukieh, as their leader. They cohabited Eudocia peacefully and each tribe carved out a section of the continent to flourish until a band of rebels started an upset in Eudocia. The continent has never been the same.
    • For many years all six elements battled mercilessly. Kings, appointed for their leadership, not bloodlines, rose and fell. Tribal territories grew exhausted, and in a desperate attempt to make peace, the tribes agreed to host a Full Moon Festival. Yet, instead of uniting them, it sparked the kindling for the Great War. To survive, the tribes formed alliances with one another, and later, kingdoms. Ice and water paired together to form Aver, a mountainous kingdom with stretching meadows, white sand beaches, and a natural zeal for logic and privacy. Fire and lightning created Caldo, their kingdom shaped by deserts, metal cliffs, and their ambitious courage and blood lust. Earth and Air produced Tyrgere in the east past the great ravine, an understanding and passive kingdom formed from necessity rather than alliance in lush, underground tunnels.
    • The kingdoms devastated one another with their wars, and after a long three years, all agreed to lay down their arms. They slunk to their staked territories to rebuild, and for a stretch of time, it seemed a peaceful lull had swept through Eudocia.  However, in their blissful ignorance, the three kingdoms failed to look overseas where a new shadow emerged.
    • The obsidian island of Ombra had become a safe haven for outcasts; rogues, criminals, misfits, and dangerous or even evil individuals. Their crown was Sunil Iredell, a mysterious individual who claimed to be a demi-god and set his eyes on conquering and destroying the other kingdoms. Turmoil spread again as seeds of distrust blossomed. At first, it appeared that Caldo and Aver would form an alliance as they launched an attack against Ombra together, but old wounds are not easily healed. Caldo double-crossed the northern kingdom and the flames of war were reignited.
    • Once they had exhausted each other's resources, Sunil Iredell and his Ombrian army swept in to destroy all they had left. He annihilated everything in his path; buildings were torn down, books and literature were burned, and anything unique to each kingdom was demolished. Legends, histories, and even the old gods were lost. Iredell did everything in his power to make sure the citizens of Eudocia not only saw him as a king but as a god.
    • At long last, when all of the kingdoms’ individuality was squelched, Iredell achieved his selfish goal; to ascend to the realm of the gods and cast his brethren from the heavens back down to the mortal plane. They came as meteors, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions as the remaining kingdom loyalists and rogues squabbled for commodities. Now not only is Eudocia scarred by war and left to exhaustively lick its wounds, but dangerous, inexplicable power walks among the world with the mortals.





    Cineri is happy to host four unique kingdoms! Each kingdom has its own culture, history, art, literature, and religious beliefs. Characters can take up an occupation and serve their kingdom specifically, or more generally. Kingdom loyalty not for you? We have rogues who occupy most of Eudocia's neutral spaces. Be warned, though, the life of a rogue is rarely under the protection of a kingdom, and they often face bigotry from loyalists.




    The northernmost kingdom in Eudocia was formed by the Water and Ice tribes. It has a wide mountain range that slices through its core, high northern reaches that are composed of ice year round, and long stretches of soft, white beaches and clear blue waters. Individuals of this kingdom are either water, ice, or a combination of both elements. Aver is a prejudice kingdom who values loyalty, logic and the pursuit of knowledge above all else. They are not known for being the most affectionate or compassionate people, but they are a formidable enemy to Caldo who would cite Averians as haughty or arrogant.

    Click here for more about AVER




    Located in the southwest of Eudocia, Caldo is split up into three very distinct regions. A majority of it is dunes of golden sand speckled with cacti and scavengers. To the east lay the Charcoal Forest, and in the northwest desert sands give way to more tropical beaches. Loyalists to this kingdom are either fire, lightning, or a combination, and while lightning elements may be a little more loving to outsiders, Caldonians are loyal to a fault by nature. They are a people known for their fire and brimstone whose passion runs rampant and they boldly hate or love those they come in contact with.


    Click here for more about CALDO




    Formed from necessity rather than alliance, Tyrgere is a kingdom of sprawling emerald hills, lush forests and underground tunnels in Eudocia's east. Full of wildlife, from humpback whales to wild ponies, they are also home to people of earth and air heritage. Tyrgere's foundation stands on the understanding of complementing traits and understanding opposites, a passive kingdom with respect and an overall sense of acceptance for one another. As the first kingdom to fall to Sunil Iredell,  Tyrgere has made progress to re-establish its leadership and gain self governance again. 


    Click here for more about TYRGERE




    In the southeast waters off the coast of Eudocia lay an obsidian island Sunil Iredell once called home. Ombra is a kingdom made up of all elements and all walks of life, from hardened criminals looking to commit crime unbothered, to mixed elements seeking the protection and regularity only a kingdom can offer. Active volcanoes formed the island, which has fine black sand beaches, a smattering of islands off its coast, and a dense, gnarled forest at its center. Here, the strong triumph and the weak are forgotten, but in recent times Ombra stirs with unrest as its leader has mysteriously vanished.


    Click here for more about OMBRA


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    As we grow and evolve, Cineri is always releasing new canon characters and adoptables. We have many houses in each kingdom with room to grow; join an already established family, or start your own! We use canon characters to shape the sites history, lore and cultures. In our most recent update, we made the old gods canon characters who can interact with mortals and desire to take their celestial home back from Sunil Iredell.




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