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    • Manga/Anime: Sailor Moon
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      Futuristic Magic
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      Cosmic Silver Moon RPG Rating

    We are a Shonen Sailor Moon RP Site set during the Golden Millennium, a once peaceful era, now slowly ravaged by war. There will be battles during the main events, and light hearted moments, during side events. The website is taking the concept of Sailor Moon, and making it into something more than drinking coffee, and tea. If you are ready to fight against youma, lose an arm, and fly into the galaxy, come join the battle to save mankind.

    • First event just ended
    • Moon Queen has declared war on the galaxy
    • We have several Sailor Guardians and Champions/Knights Open
    • We have a mini event going on, people are going missing due to youma rising up to fight, and a curfew is  happening so people can stay safe, but of course no one listens, and goes out past 12am. 
    • We have story missions now where you can fight youma, and visit planets during their specific holidays.
    • Sailor Mercury and Saturn Champion, Earth Champion are taken!
    • We are still going strong! 
    • Second event is starting!
    • Looking for more Sailor Guardians!
    • Second event has begun on Uranus and hosted by High Queen Zephyr 

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