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    Darkly Ever After is a fantasy rpg set in a world where gods and magic are real, but so too are monsters. A fog, the symbol of something ancient and powerful, has been flooding the cosmos. It's made its way to Elysium, where its survivors gather to make their final stand. We have no word count and are hosted on Jcink Premium.


    Active Staff Members: 2

    Active Members: 0

    Active Characters: 33


    Characters by Plane of Origin:

    • Arcadia: 4
    • Elysium: 10
    • Kotus: 7
    • Mylaela: 4
    • Rielian: 6
    • Zilard: 5


    Characters by Species:

    • Angels: 3
    • Demons: 5
    • Elves: 1
    • Gifted: 7
    • Humans: 7
    • Mages: 11
    • Shifters: 2
    We're Looking for Staff.

    APRIL 11, 2021 - We have added a starter guide to help new members on their journey to creating their first character!

    APRIL 08, 2021 - We are looking for moderators to join our staff team; you must be mature, friendly, and most of all, active!
    MARCH 23, 2021 - We've updated our sidebar to be collapsible so that the main skin can still be used in mobile mode!

    MARCH 18, 2021 - Despite delays as a result of illness, our updates are finally finished and we're back online!

    MARCH 1, 2021 - With our soft opening finished, we are now making some edits to make the site more accessible to new members!

    FEBRUARY 09, 2021 - We are in the process of transitioning to a profile application format!

    JANUARY 31, 2021 - Interested in joining in on a plot with an original character? Our character plot list has plenty of open places!

    JANUARY 23, 2021 - We are currently offering additional gems for the creation of characters from the Planes of Arcadia and Elysium.

    This site does not have anyone searching for a writing partner on the Initiative. If you are a member of this site consider joining and submitting a Writing Partner Search to show off here.

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