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    'The past cannot be changed - the future is still within your power.’

    In the year 2087, the landscape of the world was changed forever when flame and ash christened the world anew – war had been etched onto its surface for generations, and the suffering it ignited finally exploded in a society shattering crescendo. Or at least, the world as humanity knew it. Governments had long since failed, shown to be utterly incompetent in gaining any sort of peace, and so power instead dominated nations as corporations, bloated from war profiteering, saw their chance to sway war weary populaces.

    For the first time in history, humanity knew a complete lack of conflict, nations’ armies were soon dwarfed by private corporation peacekeepers, and while world leaders were still a common sight, they were reduced to mere mouth pieces of more powerful puppeteers that pulled their strings and fed them the words people cheered for. Technology and infrastructure boomed and advanced civilization to the realm of what had been inconceivable and changed the landscape which humanity had fought over for so long – though such progress was only made due to the Megacorps throwing away ethics in their crazed dash of reinventing themselves as Gods of the new world.


    It didn’t last. Humanity had been defined as much by greed as conflict and the two went perfectly hand in hand. The corporations had been warring in the background, away from the limelight as affiliated agents sabotaged and stole information from rival Corps as the continent's powerhouses attempted to assert dominance over all others. Slowly the shadow conflicts they had been waging seeped into the world stage, people were outraged – governments attempted to seize back power and backed guerrilla coups, some were more successful than others. The world knew war once more and it became the quickest conflict in history. No one knows just which faction decided splintering the globe was better than defeat – the bitter world governments that tired of being lackies or the mighty corporations that refused to share. Maybe it was some freedom fighter cell that had decided there wasn’t anything worth saving.

    Hubris and sin were washed away all at once in thermonuclear warmth.


    Humanity is stubborn, however – defined by adaptability and when it was clear the fighting was reaching a fever pitch shelters were made so that people could live to see tomorrow. Even if that meant they were waking up in a hell of their own making.

    Twelve years have passed since The Devastation, survivors left their shelters two years ago and various factions have formed in the wake of humanities’ new dawn. Seek to reclaim and rebuild Old World power, seeing this as a chance for change and to learn from mistakes of the past, searching for answers or simply to survive another day.


    The choice is yours – how will you survive The Devastation?

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