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  • Dragon Lore
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    Dragon Lore

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Medieval Magic, Mythical Creatures
    • RPG Rating: Dragon Lore RPG Rating




    If you have a creative itch that you as a writer are looking to satisfy, we might be exactly what you need! Dragon Lore is overall what most would easily classify as an "original medieval fantasy play-by-post rpg". So if you haven't guessed it, the world DL is set in is modeled off of the medieval time period we all know. The site also plays host to several classic fantasy races and loads of magic. Of course everything has had our own little spin put on it.




    We might be a perfect fit for you if you...

    ... don't like word counts and would like the freedom to decide yourself what you are comfortable with.

    ... don't have time to worry about activity checks.

    ... need an LGBTQ+ positive environment both in and out of character.

    ... are looking for a friendly community of adults over the age of 18.

    ... are comfortable with discord being our "OOC" hub for the community.

    ... love to write and create imaginative stories.

    Our Main Premise

    Peace is such a fickle thing, fragile even, and for the past century it has hung in the balance. One hundred and fifty years ago the beings of Elesya were torn apart by war. Fueled by greed, humans brought on mass destruction at the head of what amounted to years of searching for the ultimate weapon. For two decades they had explored all avenues until they finally learned of the Dragon Gems.


    Fiercely guarded by their dragon protectors, the Dragon Gems gave their holders the powers they possessed. There were thirteen gems in total. The only confirmed powers were the four elements (fire, earth, water and air), the winter gem (control of ice and snow), and the shadow gem (the ability to make the shadows corporeal).


    The Magi plundered Elesya without restraint to try and take down the powerful dragons, drawing in the other races and kingdoms to a war they originally had no part in. For fifty years the Dragon/Elesyian war raged on until one day, the dragons disappeared, taking their gems along with them. The Magi Council fell apart and humans were not trusted by the other races after wreaking havoc on their lands to try and obtain the Dragon Gems. The Elves secluded themselves to the Sutherlands, the Fair Folk returned to their lands and the humans and magic users founded kingdoms and empires.


    Now, after one hundred years of relative peace, the ominous winds are stirring. There are rumors of Dragon Gems return and with them a dark, powerful evil they've never seen before. On the tails of such rumors there are whispers of the Magi Council reforming.





    Site Updates

    8/14/20 update

    Being stuck home during covid we are happy to be still going strong and have a safe haven to continue writing and focusing energy on. The site has taken on a bit of a face lift with our wiki and moderation forums! Information has also been updated and cleaned up as well! 

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