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  • Dragonball: New Era

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    Dragonball: New Era

    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: Manga/Anime: Dragon Ball
    • Genre: Futuristic Superpowers
    • RPG Rating: Dragonball: New Era RPG Rating


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    - We've been running for two years and have a dedicated community of core players.

    - We mix the storytelling power of literate roleplay and the excitement tabletop RPG mechanics. 

    - We allow only custom dragonball characters, no canons.


    - It's been over 500 years since the end of Dragonball Super.

    - Earthlings have expanded out into space and made colonies on most planets. Capsule Corp is a galactic entity with Earth as one of the central hubs of commerce.

    - The Galactic Patrol has been turned into the Galactic Empire and aim to secure peace and order through force.

    - The Frieza Force has fallen apart, leaving behind a massive vaccuum of power.

    - The newly risen Saiyan Dominion seeks to conquer and unite the galaxy

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