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  • Dream of a Shadow
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    Dream of a Shadow

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Gods & Dieties, Human, Mythical Creatures
    • RPG Rating: Dream of a Shadow RPG Rating

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    The world as you know is only one truth, all around us, the Greek Gods and their children, and creations have moved along with us through time. Unseen from the average human, their world is vast and full of intrigue and drama. Face it, every time you've looked around you and wondered just what the heck is going on? It was probably Zeus' fault. Or Poseidon. That or one of the other gods, Demi-gods, Heroes, or Mythos was causing a ruckus. They like to meddle. They like to press the buttons of the humans to see just what might happen next. When you're immortal, its very easy to get bored if you don't have hobbies.



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    Grand Opening: PAN IS DEAD... AGAIN
    The whole of Olympus is in a tizzy. Pan, the patron god of Satyrs and flocks, shepherd of the wilds, is dead. But no, for real this time. Yes, we know poets and heralds have sung this tune before, but this time, Thanatos confirms it's for real. No one knows what happened. He wasn't reincarnated and there's no hide nor hair (or hoof) of him in the Underworld. If a God can die, what does that mean for the others? Where does your character fit in with this? Who killed him? How was he killed? Will others find themselves, like him, ripped from this immortal world?


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