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    EDENBRIDGE is an original character driven supernatural RPG based in the fictional town of Edenbridge, Oregon.
    While Supernatural hysteria took root on the East Coast in the 17th century, Supernaturals began to flee for safety and into hiding. Eventually they began to search out small communities where they could exist in safety. In the 1860s the Cailleach Coven and the Lupi Orientis pack established Edenbridge.

    What began as a strictly Supernatural town has gradually begun to shift. In the past sixty years, it has transformed into a tourist town along the Oregon coast. Just two hours from Portland the picturesque town appears almost like a paradise to those looking to escape the pressures of the big city.

    For hundreds of years, Witches Vampires, Selkies and Werewolves have been hiding in plain sight in the small town trying to keep the peace among their species. Now that their secret existence is being threatened by the influx of humans, tensions between packs are high and rivalries are coming to the surface more than ever.

    Site Updates

    Jul 13, 2020 - New Species added, selkies


    Sept 2020 - New Skin and New Application

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