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  • Eleven Minutes
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    Eleven Minutes

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Crime, Human, Modern Earth
    • RPG Rating: Eleven Minutes RPG Rating




    Middleburg, Virginia was established in 1787 by American Revolutionary War Lieutenant Colonel Jon Leven Bryant, who purchased the property from a cousin of George Washington. He did not wish to name the town after himself so he changed its name to Middleburg, as it was the halfway point between Alexandria and Winchester along the popular Ashby Gabe trading route.

    In the years since more families of wealth and influence have settled there, and consequently a divide exists among the locals. Despite being vastly outnumbered, the wealthy control everything and depend on the lower classes to run their business and make them thrive while they sip wine and reap the benefits.

    In the past fifteen years, Middleburg has also become a popular place for politicians to build their homes as it is close enough to Washington, D.C. that they can commute to work, but far enough away that they are properly distanced from the big city.

    Otherwise Middleburg boasts an expansive country club, a resort for the wealthy, and several wineries. It is also known for being the nation’s horse and hunt capital. The population now stands at about 5,002, but people are constantly coming and going.


    The site's main hubs will be both the town of Middleburg and D.C. we're going to be character driven with a shipper app. Please pop in and talk with us. 

    Incentives will be offered if you make characters in canon roles (Our canons are VERY OPEN - Names, faces, genders, sexuality, and ages of some are negotiable) Extra incentives will be offered for those who take characters who are OLDER. I.E. the old rich folk who run everything. 


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