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  • Eleven Minutes
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    Eleven Minutes

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Crime, Human, Modern Earth
    • RPG Rating: Eleven Minutes RPG Rating



     Eleven Minutes is a 3-3-3 site that takes place in the fictionalized small town of Middleburg, Va. Middleburg is 45 miles outside of the U.S. capitol, and a quite of few of the newer residents are politicians or people from the big city just looking to get away from the business of D.C. Class division within the town is deep-rooted and many of the families have lived here for generations. From the rich to the poor.


    The site's main hubs are both the town of Middleburg and D.C. we're going to be character-driven with a shipper app. Please pop in and talk with us! We opened officially on 6/23/20, so we’ve been open a whole month and our first site event is LIVE

    Incentives will be offered if you make characters in canon roles (Our canons are VERY OPEN - Names, faces, genders, sexuality, and ages of some are negotiable) Extra incentives will be offered for those who take characters who are OLDER. I.E. the old rich folk who run everything. 


    Site Updates

    In order to maintain a realistic balance, we currently have a ban on criminal/organized crime characters. We are looking to have characters that are a bit more involved in the local small town government and the potential drama that ill ensue. 

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