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  • Esoteric Obscura
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    Esoteric Obscura

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Supernatural
    • RPG Rating: Esoteric Obscura RPG Rating


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    No one could have expected the large sinkhole to open up like it did on high and harbor. It caused a lot of frustration and confusion when it caused the traffic to be backed up and redirected down another street if drivers in Camden wanted to get anywhere without taking their usual shortcut downtown. At first it had started small, like the kind of pothole you complain about but ultimately end up driving around anyway. Ella Fitzgerald had been unlucky enough to blow a tire at least twice on the damn thing, and had been complaining endlessly to anyone who would listen to her about it. “They need to close that thing up, why don’t they just put some cement over it or something?” But then it expanded. On the morning that it was reported to the police, they brought some yellow crime scene tape around it and some orange cones so that people would know to avoid it. It kept growing, though, and had even threatened a few joggers with falling into it if they weren't paying attention well enough. Officer Evans hadn’t been expecting it when the tentacle had slithered out like some kind of serpent, wrapping itself around his ankle and yanking him hard. It knocked the breath out of him as his large body hit the pavement, and his screams fell on deaf ears as he was pulled down into the hole, never to be seen again. All that was found of him later was his cruiser parked by the massive hole, as well as his hat. It was enough now to make the local news, and talk of the missing police officer was ripe on everyone’s lips.




    this plot will be ongoing for a while. the sinkhole will be something that will be the center for a lot of things in the future, but for now we are beginning with something based off of the Mist by Stephen King. There will be a fog/mist around Camden that is thicker and heavier than usual, and with it, scary sort of monsters that are coming seemingly from another dimension all together! Feel free to have your characters involved with this in any way and if you have questions, don't be afraid to ask us about it. Also bonus points if anyone is stuck in a grocery store because of weird lovecraftian horrors that are outside in the parking lot.




    For the next several weeks, we'll be having an ongoing mist that will begin late sunday night and will not relent until the following week. What occurs during this time is up to you! Feel free to have your characters get lost, or stuck somewhere because of it, or to see weird horrors. At night it will be worse, as if there are monsters that will only be able to come out when the sun goes down. Supernatural beings (all of them), will get a heightened sense of foreboding and dread from the pot hole and from the mist until it subsides. If we have further updates, we'll post them here so keep an eye out! If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask, and we're also open to suggestions for plot ideas and more fun things in the future.

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