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  • Essence of Horhsal

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    Essence of Horhsal is an original science fantasy that features a great open world with lots of custom content, both low- and high-tech countries coexisting together, endless possibilities, and an age of change - and the Essence, a supernatural force, as a replacement for magic with its own abilities it can grant to people.

    In the Age of Expansion, countries all over the world strive for new heights: empires and great powers are more stable than ever, colonization of a strange, unique ocean is still in progress, high-tech is spreading, and old nations try to consolidate their power while new ones fight to become acknowledged by the world.

    Join in on the opportunities this new age brought or ignore them and lead a peaceful life somewhere. The choice to do whatever you want is yours.


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    ★ Help to develop the newly created country of Kowarik and to give it an identity by voting on important matters, creating characters with various jobs to build new buildings, and in other ways  - every player and character can have an influence on it!

    ★ Custom races with different abilities

    ★ Use transformed weapons that give you a unique ability - there is even an optional system that allows you to completely customize them and their abilities to make them really your own!

    ★ A massive world with unique continents that has the potential to hold countless countries

    ★ Try your hands on fun challenges that can earn you medals

    ★ Add your own lore via databases (just go into a database and click on the Add button - that's it)

    ★ Lots of website features like easy character creation and a membershop

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    • Gota

      Types of characters: Other

      This is a canon role list for the Etingnean Empire, an absolute monarchy that is currently trying to control all the lands of the landmass they are on while trying to become closer with the Essence.

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