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    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Historical Magic, Warring Kingdoms
    • RPG Rating: Estorica RPG Rating


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    Project Aspirant is the fourth iteration of the thought process and plans to come together to create the group roleplay titled Estorica. Estorica is a roleplay forum dedicated to its own setting from the mind of its creators that receives life by the people who roleplay in it. A mix of fantasy and fiction that comes together to provide an interesting story for the writers and the readers who participate in the overall world that Estorica is centered around.



    • To provide roleplayers a platform where they can create and share stories in a unique setting that is set apart from all others.
    • To provide writers an environment where they can cooperate with other writers to create small impactful stories, to entertain others. 
    • To display the creations of roleplayers and writers to an audience that would appreciate them.


    Cavus existed in a constant state of War between Spirits, Mortals, and Demons. Battles were fought using the energies that existed before the creation of the world, and In this war, the world was covered in destruction, death, and abyss magic. The God of Balance ‘Elise’ used all of the known magic in the world to defeat a threat to mortals and spirits alike. She did it with the hope that it would end all wars once and for all. Instead, it stripped the world of magic, banishing gods, demons, and spirits for over 500 years.

    Mortals lived in hatred of one another, over those years, warring over land, food, and gold and in their hatred they gave birth to the God Eater. The God Eater summoned demons, used lost magic, and battled with mortals in an attempt to conquer them all, The God Eater nearly ruled over all mortals, but the mortals came together and begged the last known spirit of the world to grant godhood to one of their own. Their wish was granted, and magic was returned to the world. Mortals drove the God Eater back into the abyss where he wouldn’t be heard from ever again.

    A century has passed since the defeat of the God Eater, and the stories of battles between gods have faded away into legend and folklore. The world once again finds itself teetering on the edges of war between mortals. Demons rise from the abyss to bring calamity to all. The cries of the weak go unanswered, and where magic was once abundant for all mortals only half wield it today.
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