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  • Exonia

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    • Type: Original
    • Fandom: Choose a Maximum of 3
    • Genre: Medieval Earth, Medieval Magic, Steampunk & Clockwork
    • RPG Rating: Exonia RPG Rating



    The Realm of Exonia, a magical world that is mostly unexplored at the beginning of our stories. Because it all starts in the city of Alderworth, a city that has earned its name the Citadel by its favorable position and high walls that reach up to the mountains of the Barren Tips. The city merges perfectly into the countryside from the green fields of the Giant Armadillo Valley into the dangerous Barren Tips mountains to the north. The city has about 80% of humans and when you go to the more expensive areas you will find Ithiris that makes up the remaining 20% of the city population. The city is ruled by a wise and strong viscountess named Euphrasia Constance Aldithley, many know her the Mage of Alderworth, but few know that she is actually not a Mage but a Warlock, a forbidden class in the realm of Exonia.

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    • Website forum updates
      • Skin installed
      • Buttons added
      • Credits edit
      • Copyrights added
      • Boards created + summary
      • Mods installed
    • Discord server updates
      • Channels made
      • Roles made
      • Permissions set
      • Webhook created
    • Lore updates
      • Setting information created
      • New player guide created + updated
      • Factions: Sunbrawlers, Marblevale, Alderworth Guards and Shadowshapers created
      • Map created + updated (not released yet!)

    We are still doing some side things, but the rules can be found in Discord as guideline for now. Recruitment has started 🙂

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