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    Fable and Ruin is a low-fantasy roleplay site drawing inspiration from viking and tribal culture from around the world to form a unique blend of fiction with realistic elements. 


    On the continent of Ideca our story is told. Are you from the tribes? Are you Gleann Hunter? Someone who makes their home in the thick Mother’s Forest? Or are you a Healer from the Ruadh tribe, saving your warriors as they fight against the Blood Bog’s wyrms. Or are you a warrior from the Aonach tribe, working to stop the mysterious Blight as it slowly spreads across the mountains? 


    Neighboring the tribes is the Queendom of Desemene. Under Queen Edela’s reign, Desemene has seen an uneasy peace with the tribes for 30 years. But in high society court where everyone has their own ambitions will that remain? Jarldoms each fight to keep their family’s secrets hidden, political intrigues abound and not even the priesthood is free of the toxin of ambition. 


    Within Desemene’s borders, troubles brew aplenty in the large Thieves Forest, where bands of lawless criminals claw and fight within their own domain for supremacy, not only holding out against the Queen’s laws, but the tribe they border as well. 


    Come tell your story and become part of a living, breathing world, dictated by the players whose stories come alive and are told through roleplay. 


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    Other Notes:

    • No Posting Templates Required

    • A Wealth Of Interesting Canons

    • Friendly Community 

    • RL Face Claims

    • Still Expanding Lore

    • Roleplay Awards

    • Site Store

    • Mature Content



    • Pam

      Types of characters: Family,Friends

      Youngest Princess to the Queendom of Desemene. She is currently a student at the university and recently survived a terrible illness that nearly took her life.

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