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  • Fodlan Chronicles

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    Fodlan Chronicles

    • Type: Fandom
    • Genre: Human, Medieval Magic, School
    • RPG Rating: Fodlan Chronicles RPG Rating



    Fodlan Chronicles is a role-playing forums board based on the setting of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Focusing on the Garreg Mach Monastery's Officers Academy, Fodlan Chronicles is made up of original characters and follows an original storyline, making it suitable for even those who have not experienced the game but are fans of the fantasy and JRPG genre.

    Site Updates

    Chapter III: The Sreng Invasion
    Imperial Year 1180, 17th of the Garland Moon, Monday

    In the last sun of the Harpstring Moon, the Holy Church of Seiros conducted a series of raids on the Noble Alliance and the Resurgent Sun, two groups conspiring to overthrow the Holy Church of Seiros. During these raids, not only did the crown prince of the Holy KIngdom of Faerghus and his siblings go missing, but the Holy Church of Seiros discovered that the two groups served as nothing more than a distraction to a far greater threat to Fodlan.

    To the north of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, Sreng, with the support of the Resurgent Sun and an unknown foreign nation, launched an invasion against the Kingdom. With the Church and Kingdom's forces focused in the Adrestian Empire and southern Faerghus, the regions of northern Faerghus were left with minimal defences. Unable to defend against the invading forces of Sreng, the Duchy of Fraldarius fell under the occupation of Sreng.

    In the weeks that followed the fall of Fraldarius, Sreng has made numerous unsuccessful attempts to capture other regions of Faerghus. Now, with the support of the Holy Church of Seiros and the students of the Officers Academy, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus plan to launch an offensive against Sreng and liberate Fraldarius.

    With the disappearance of House Blaiddyd's main line and the occupation of Fraldarius, a melancholic atmosphere of uncertainty has befallen people of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. Meanwhile, the Adrestian Empire continue to struggle with the increased banditry in their borders and, the Leicester Alliance have received alarming news that the King of Almyra has passed away and that his son has now taken the throne, leaving the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus with only the Holy Church of Seiros to depend upon for support.

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