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  • Fodlan Chronicles

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    Fodlan Chronicles

    • Type: Fandom
    • Genre: Human, Medieval Magic, School
    • RPG Rating: Fodlan Chronicles RPG Rating



    Fodlan Chronicles is a role-playing forums board based on the setting of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Focusing on the Garreg Mach Monastery's Officers Academy, Fodlan Chronicles is made up of original characters and follows an original storyline, making it suitable for even those who have not experienced the game but are fans of the fantasy and JRPG genre.

    Site Updates

    Greetings from the staff here at Fodlan Chronicles!
    Over the past couple of months, we have made several improvements to the site and our Discord server, so to keep our members up to date, we have decided to list all the recent updates in this post!

    ◆ Site (Forums) Updates

    • Paralogue (Personal Abilities and Relics) System Release - We are happy to announce that earlier in the month, we released the Paralogue System as well as a system for Personal Abilities and Relics, which are both tied to the Paralogue System. Full details of the Paralogue System can be found on the Paralogue System page. Details of Personal Abilities can be found on the Personal Abilities page and details of Relics can be found on the Relics page.
    • Stats and Skills System Revision - Based on the feedback from our members, we have revised the Stats and Skills System. For more information regarding the changes made during the revision, please refer to this announcement.
    • Bulletin Board (Quest System) Update - We have added a new type of quest called Monthly Quests. Monthly Quests are quests that change monthly and can be completed by multiple groups. For more information regarding Monthly Quests, please refer to the Monthly Quests section of the Bulletin Board Guidelines.
    • Navigation Update - We have made a small update to the site's navigation and made the navigation bar that contained the links to Active Topics and My Topics more visible.
    • New Pips - Some of you may have already noticed, but we have updated the forum pips! For those of you unfamiliar with the term, pip refers to the Professor Level under each member's avatar and it will differ depending on the number of posts that member has!
    • Additional Forums - We have added a number of minor subforums to better organise the site.
      • Deceased Characters Subforum - We have added an additional subforum under Approved Characters for deceased characters.
      • Completed Requests Subforums - In order to keep Additional Character Requests and Equipment Crafting Requests organised, we have added a subforum for completed requests to each of these forums.
    • White Magic and Black Magic Clarification - We have updated the descriptions of White Magic and Black Magic on the Magic page to better explain each school of magic.

    ◆ Discord Server Updates

    • Sothis Bot Update - We have made the following updates to the Discord server's Sothis bot:
      • Automated Question Response (Predicted Questions) - Sothis bot can now generate an automatic response to frequently asked questions in the #questions channel.
    • #Questions Channel - In order to avoid confusion for new members of the site, we have decided to limit answers to questions asked on the #questions channel of the Discord to members of staff (administrators and moderators) only.

    In addition to these updates, we are also working on several other updates which we plan to bring out over the next few months! In addition to those updates, we would like to remind members of our ongoing events!

    ■ Planned Updates

    • Growth Point System - We plan on expanding the Growth Points System to allow members more avenues to strengthen their characters.
    • Crafting System Extension - We have plans to further extend the Crafting System to include the synthesis of medicines and possibly other useful items.
    • Magic System Update - We plan to update the magic system, including increasing the number of spell slots a character may have as well as adding Master Tier spells.

    ■ Ongoing Events

    • Character Upgrade Period - Members have until the end of the 3rd of May to apply for their Character Upgrade Request. For more information regarding the Upgrade Period, please refer to this announcement.
    • Fire Emblem 30th Anniversary Event - Characters who make at least 15 posts between the start of the event and the 1st of June will be awarded 50 Growth Points! For more information regarding the Fire Emblem 30th Anniversary Event, please refer to this announcement.

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