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    Forgotten by Time is a modern (original) supernatural rpg set in the fictional city of Blackrest (located in Ontario, Canada). Blackrest is one of several sanctuaries around the world where supernatural beings live, allowing them to be what they are out in the open without fear of persecution, but every city has its scars and its secrets.


    We are 18+, have no word count, are hosted on Jcink Premium, and encourage character-based plotting.


    • Active Characters: 44
    • Active Staff Members: 3
    • Active Members: 4


    • Arcanists: 9
    • Celestials: 5
    • Demons: 7
    • Fae: 6
    • Gifted: 4
    • Humans: 6
    • Shifters: 7
    We're Looking for Affiliates. We're Looking for Staff.

    SEPTEMBER 11, 2021 - Three new bonds and a half-turned (Hybrid) option have been added...
    SEPTEMBER 10, 2021 - A new Celestial weakness option and Light Elemental power option have been added.

    SEPTEMBER 8, 2021 - The site rules have been updated.

    SEPTEMBER 4, 2021 - The site timeline has shifted from Summer to Autumn.
    SEPTEMBER 2, 2021 - Images & links to subaccounts now display automatically in OOC profiles.
    AUGUST 31, 2021 - Please extend a warm welcome to new FBT Moderator Salt.
    AUGUST 21, 2021 - We have added a new store item: Charged Power.

    AUGUST 20, 2021 - FBT is looking for two moderators to join our staff team. See our staff search here on The Initiative.

    AUGUST 19, 2021 - Shifters have been updated to include two new weaknesses. Imprinting is now a Bond.

    AUGUST 14, 2021 - Forgotten by Time (FBT) has officially moved from its soft open phase.


    User Feedback



    This is just a drive by review as I was wandering around I decided to actually look into the site because it piqued my interest so I figured I'd leave a note.


    • The site is well structured and extremely well detailed. The character types are explained in mass detail along with a very interesting leveling options for your characters both for their base race and their subspecies which there are a ton of. I found some stuff a little confusing, particularly the Elementals, I think after the third or fourth species that I read I figured out that they are a mutated species of the primary species but that's all I really understood as I couldn't find any direct information about them as they were mixed in with the other species' information.
    • They have interesting uses of traditional lores for some species which gives them some flair and makes them each unique to how they are used on the site.
    • Their rules are clear and concise.
    • They have a pick your own activity level when creating your character. I'm unsure as to why its like this specifically as they have both the level structure AND ranks and you'd think that the ranks would be more important than the level but its at least clearly laid out.
    • They have a ton of wanted ads.


    I did log into their discord and its a simple easy to navigate. The people were friendly but not overwhelming. The only welcome I got was from the Discord bot but I didn't introduce myself.

    The staff were quick to respond to questions and extremely friendly.


    Overall I recommend the site, especially if you love structure in your lore. Its amazingly structured.


    Response from the author:

    Thanks for the review, Morrigan! We really appreciate the feedback and perspective from a visitor.

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