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  • Fragile Futures
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    Fragile Futures

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Futuristic Earth, Futuristic Magic, Sci-Fi
    • RPG Rating: Fragile Futures RPG Rating

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    Corporations rule the world, crime is a booming industry, and Old Money means old magic. 

    The societal balance is fragile, especially in metropolitan Leviston, where decision-making in the pristine offices of several corporate headquarters impacts communities all over. Shadowbrokers pull from an incredible pool of criminals to shape economies and carry out the whims of powerful people behind-the-scenes. Underneath it all, ancient magic of myths is hanging on by a thread, maintained by old families that must learn to operate in a changed world or face extinction. Meanwhile, the average person grasps at straws to keep what’s theirs and make their way through a world that isn’t truly meant for them.

    Will you fight to fix the system or find a way to make it work for you?

    http://fragilefutures.jcink.net/ | Get Started

    Site Updates

    May 18 | We've switched from bio threads to custom user profiles!

    April 7 | New location! The criminal underground

    Feb 17 | New sortable/searchable character directory

    Feb 13 | Fragile Futures on Tumblr

    Jan 31 | Development forum added, now accepting affiliates

    Jan 19 | Dark skin option available

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