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    • Book: Hunger Games
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      Futuristic Earth Human
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      From the Darkest Hour RPG Rating

    AU Hunger Games RPG set in the year 105 ADD. This timeline is completely separate from the world that exists in the books/movies. It focuses on life in Panem and the daily struggles that go along with that. We have two IC Hunger Games a year for people to participate in. Our current timeline is 6 months of OOC time = 1 year of IC time. We are a JCINK Premium board.

    09/01/21 - As we start getting ready for the upcoming Hunger Games, we are holding a promotion for reapable characters. To go along with that, this month's event is a Student Prompt Event that will run through the end of the month. An Activity Check is currently happening as we get ready to clear out old accounts before the Tesserae Claims begin next month.


    08/01/21 - The Rebel Prompt Event has ended but the other two events are running throughout the rest of the season. An AC will be happening towards the end of the month as we start moving towards getting ready for the next Reaping.


    07/01/21 - Winter has just begun! We currently have three events running. The Rebel Prompt Event will run through the month of July, while the 105th Victory Tour and all Yule Event threads will be open throughout the season.


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