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    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Medieval Magic, Mythical Creatures
    • RPG Rating: Gaolea RPG Rating

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    (Image by Thomas Kelley on unsplash.)



    THE YEAR IS 652AA. You find yourself in Wyndell, a mostly land-locked nation located on the continent of Cionis. Maybe you were born there. Maybe you're a traveler who, for some reason or other, is simply passing through. Whatever your reasons, one thing is certain: Wyndell is not the easiest place to live.


    The rocky terrain makes it difficult to cultivate farmland; it's mountainous; the winters are brutally cold; the untamed territories beyond the bounds of civilization are treacherous and teaming with monsters and bandits alike. The Wyndellan people have to be hardy and strong, living in a place like this, and to top it all off, the majority of the populace is devoted to The Raven Queen, the mysterious goddess of death.


    Even so, Wyndell is a largely peaceful place... or so they'd like you to believe. The truth is, the skirmishes with Elen to the southern border grow worse every day, the mysterious criminal organization called the Orb-Weavers have a surprisingly strong presence, and strange blackouts are crippling every settlement from the capital city to the smallest villages. Worst of all, perhaps, is the fact that the rich simply grow richer with little care for the poor.


    There's plenty of work and mystery happening in Wyndell; are you ready to begin your journey?


    * * *


    Gaolea is a premium Jcink role-play based on the D&D5e ruleset that takes place in a homebrew setting. We have an RPG rating of 3-3-3, are 18+ only, and have a minimum word count of 150 words per reply. Event #1 is officially underway; come join us!

    Site Updates

    2/16/2020: We've added a few more characters, this week, AND we've opened up nominations for our March spotlights! I'm looking forward to introducing you to some of the awesome characters on the board in the next few weeks.


    Come and see what we've got going on! Relationships are taking shape and plots are starting to kick off, so we'd love to have you jump in and join us!


    2/9/2020: Another two characters have been accepted onto the masterlists, and a couple more should be coming through any day now! Our first activity check is also under way, and we are up to 310 posts on the forum. We're seeing some real growth and awesome threads taking shape on the site, so we'd love to have you join us!


    2/1/2020: We added two new characters to the masterlists this week and are up to 243 posts on the site! Also, we are preparing to add two new job posts to the site today. We'd love to see you join us and hop on a job posting to jump right in!


    1/25/2020: Since first posting our listing on Monday, we've added two new characters to the masterlists and have started some threads related to event #1! There's still plenty of time to join us and take part in event #1, so why not come join us?

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