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    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Cyber/Bio-punk, Futuristic Earth, Futuristic Magic
    • RPG Rating: Harken RPG Rating





    In a system called Harken, seven major planets have connected to form a single empire ruled by the seven great Families. Magic gives them power in a caste system designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Known as the home of the infamous gladiatorial games, Cantik is the central hub of the growing empire.

    The cybernetic augmentations of the titanic Auratech company have made them faster, stronger, and heal faster... if you can afford them. A rare few are born with magic. Those people are sometimes taken to study with a Master. Sometimes, they simply disappear.

    In this climate of extreme economic disparity, some people spend their whole lives striving to go just a single rung higher. Others rebel and seek to unravel the caste system and the bloodshed of the games entirely. Will you honor the past, or seek to create a better future?

    Site Updates

    We're undergoing a revamp! We're slowly opening for those that are interested in being in on a soft open. We have added in some new and intriguing angles (Hello Space Gladiators) Come check it out and help build something amazing.

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