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    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Cyber/Bio-punk, Futuristic Earth, Futuristic Magic
    • RPG Rating: Harken RPG Rating


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    Centuries ago, humanity fled earth to escape the polluted wasteland it had become. While the government tried to organize the exodus, it was the wealthy of the world who had the resources and funds to terraform the worlds that they found, and so it was the wealthy who made the rules. The moon designated as H-2238 was among the first to be settled, and the seven founding families renamed it Harken, in remembrance of the lives they left behind. They would use their magical bloodlines, their wealth, and their influence to create a world that suited their needs.

    Over the course of decades, they split the moon into sections that they ruled independently, each trading with each other for the resources that they lacked. In time, the settlements began to expand and grow, and the Families profited from every new rivet built. Each claimed a part of their ancestry as the inspiration for the new cities, and they built their societies to honor the legacies of those ancient civilizations. As their cities grew, they eventually ran out of space, and the separate cities became one massive city that encircled the entire moon. The heads of the Families came together to form the Council, and their separate governments became the boroughs of Harken. For a while, all was stable.

    When other moons evolved, grew, and collapsed, they began attacking Harken for its resources. The Council commissioned a joint military to defend them, and this new caste was created from all walks of life. They defended Harken in its hour of need, and in return, were given special privileges that the other castes would never enjoy. They became the subjects of experimentation with the newly invented cybernetic implants that improved their combat capability. Auratech, the new firm behind the development, perfected the implants through trial and error, and the Military that survived easily outmatched their attackers. In time, peace returned to Harken, and the Military became the Council's police force.

    Auratech implants eventually became available to the general population, but the quality depended on how much a citizen could afford to pay. The highborn caste, those closest to the Families, had the most powerful tech available, while the lowborn could rarely afford any augments at all. All such technology was to be registered with the government, for law enforcement purposes, and the black market for augments grew up overnight. Officially, the Military caste received the strongest augments, but for reasons none of them can explain, the strain of the augments degraded their bodies, shortening their lifespans and making their fertility plummet. Only with the blessing of the Council could they receive the medical care that would allow them to reproduce.

    With the increase of augments, the number of magically gifted people plummeted. Only the Highborn and their kin seemed to regularly have magic capabilities. Magical skill became a rare and valuable commodity, and schools that taught it collapsed entirely. That left those few with the gifts dangerously uneducated. Catastrophe struck when a young woman with untrained magic overtaxed herself and burnt out. The wild magic that emanated from her empty shell of a body killed hundreds. In response, the Council instituted a law. Those with magic were to be reported and taken to special institutions to train and keep those tragedies from repeating themselves. No exceptions.

    What no one seemed willing to mention was that once the magic users were removed, many of them were never seen again. A Military task force was charged with tracking down unregistered mages, and they were called the Hunters. They are the only members of the Military caste with magic instead of augments. The Hunters are hated and feared by the magical population and the rest of the Military alike, but they get the job done.

    At the top of the heap, the Council and their Families enjoy absolute power over the city of Harken. Their politics are often subtle and long-running, but they have consequences that run down to the lowest Dreg in the boroughs. Are they content with that, or is the position of one out of seven not enough?

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