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    This town embraces its weirdness, and while many might not believe in all the various supernatural tales that have been spun through the centuries, it’s very much ingrained in the town’s history, much like Salem’s. Due to the numerous strange and unusual stories, this town has becoming quite the tourist attraction. Thanks to some recent developments put in place by the newly elected Mayor, this town has seen even more growth in the last two years.

    The sheriff is dead. His death while officially labeled as a suicide has some rumors surrounding it that have caused some to raise eyebrows. Perhaps the tales that surround the city have gotten to many of the town folks heads. There are talks of curses, corruption, and disappearances that are unexplainable. All of these things were what the former Sheriff was looking into right before his death, as crazy as it might have seen to some that didn’t buy the urban legends of the town. Even the recent appearance of the Talulos Corporation on the outskirts of town has kicked up rumors.


    We are a small, new community looking to grow!  The site is a member driven Supernatural horror RP, that allows members to help shape the direction of the site based on the characters they make and the plots they put forward. Feel free to play any species from mythology or urban legend. Currently, everything is opened for the taking, and we are more than happy to hear any member ideas for future site plots or events.

    Currently, we are in need of antagonistic characters, especially those that work for the current dark scientific organization of Talulos!

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