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    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Historical Earth, Human, Western
    • RPG Rating: HOME ON THE PRAIRIE RPG Rating



    The US west has been developing rapidly since the Civil War ended. The railroads have been connecting the industrial east to the western frontier and the Homestead Act of 1862 still draws people there from urban areas.

    Let's return to the Old West and explore colorful cast of people's everyday lives in a little rural village and its surrounding locations. Here you can experience rural family life and small community spirit of the late 19th century. With no site wide plot we are completely character driven and have endless possibilities for a variety of character types. For example, you could write about a farmer who's never seen a city, or someone who moves to the west from a large city or to a small rural village from a larger town in order to become a farmer or bring their business there, or a Native American who either tries to hold on to their culture or tries adapting to the white man's ways.

    We don't focus on just one year a a time and then move on to the next, but on six years at once with a fluid time flow. Our RPG takes place between January 1st 1878 - December 31st 1884, and our locations do include also larger towns and New York City but our primary location is a fictionalized version of Burns which is a small rural village in South West Minnesota.

    Site Updates

    April 21st 2020 - A lot of useful world/period info has been added. 

    July 2nd 2020 - We have a Discord now! 


    April 21st 2020 - A lot of useful period info has been added. 


    March 21st 2020 - I upgraded the Cbox to the Premium version. 

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