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  • Imperion

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    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Cyber/Bio-punk, Dystopia, Supernatural
    • RPG Rating: Imperion RPG Rating
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    The stories tell of how people and Other alike once all lived together, and spoke the same language. Wanting to be closer to their creator, together, they built a great tower that would pierce the heavens. Angered, their creator punished their impudence, taking away their common tongue, and scattering them across the world...


    Some blame it on the Arcane Wars, waged between humans and the Others, but none know if the End was connected or not. The End was not, as is often believed, a sole event, but rather a series of misfortunes one after the other. In the end, humans had buried themselves underground, and when they returned twenty years later, Tyrrhenia was a very changed place. The Others had become stronger. Even the humans that refused to shelter underground were Other, after that. The human government, the United Republic, built a climate-controlled barrier Dome, where the civilised could still live in peace, and the Others were left in the Outlands. Other and Outlander, they all mean the same thing; not safe. Not right.


    But there is something out there, something beyond both Outland and Dome, that does not care if one is Other or not, that threatens the future of Tyrrhenia, and human and Other had better learn to settle their differences, and soon, else neither will survive.

    They are coming.

    Imperion is a dark, dystopian play-by-post role-play. Welcome to Tyrrhenia, a world of enigmas, truths long-buried by time, and a dangerously uncertain future, where you are either human or Other, and being Other is dangerous. Not recommended for players under the age of 16.

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