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  • Iscariot
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    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Modern Superpowers
    • RPG Rating: Iscariot RPG Rating



    Iscariot is a brand new superhero slice of life RP, set in the fictional city of Antares where a civil war brews beneath the surface. Which side you stand on is up to you; be the hero or villain of your own story, align with the vigilantes or with the bounty hunters, or refuse to stand with any of them as you tackle everyday life in a city rife with chaos. 


    Though we are literate and multi-paragraph, we prioritize quality over quantity. The site is also very LGBTQ+ friendly, with helpful and passionate staff members.


    We hope to meet you soon!

    Site Updates

    03.25 // Bump! 

    03.18 // Our first site event, Blackout, has just started! 

    03.16 // Iscariot has officially been open for a week! We have plenty of charismatic and friendly members and are preparing for our first site event. Come join us! 



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