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· Edited by Bluepillar


Friendly. Open. Would join if they didn't have a ridiculous micromanaging problem. Pretty much dead at start. Only one individual in the Discord is ever active on the server, and it's just them posting day after day. Issues rolling out. Couldn't make edits because someone died, and then my guy... Person... Thing had a tree fall on his car while he was in it. Removed from chat. Rejoined. Explained the situation, and vented a little. Told to keep it out, so I changed the subject to a very obvious joke of wanting to be a duck or goose or whatever, and told to "keep that kind of stuff out of the chatbox for guests". Banned when I didn't respond promptly enough because I decided to go to bathe. Open to very non-canon changes to characters, which was nice. Would join if they didn't have a ridiculous micromanaging problem. Reached out to get answers. No response so far. 2 or 3 out of 5 because they aren't bigots or bullies. Personally, not cup of tea, but many others could find a home here. 


from what I hear they saw some problems and made improvements. 3 or 4 out of 5. They don't verbally abuse you or discriminate against you, and are dedicated to their site.

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