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    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Medieval Magic, Medieval Superpowers, Mythical Creatures
    • RPG Rating: Khy'eras RPG Rating

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    All at once, the Eidolon's restoration of Khy'eras was obliterated when Bhelest unlocked previously concealed magic. With newfound talents, Bhelest exiled the Eidolons and amassed legions of undead that haunted the land. Generations of dread and despair transpired until Cecilia of Fellsgard gathered followers to bring forth the mage's downfall.  Free from nightmares, the expansive realm flourished. People referred to Khy'eras as "The Neverend", unsure of its boundaries. Explorers journeyed from cities to uncover what Khy'eras had to offer. Some claimed that those who departed found only death, but others discovered something else entirely - hope and adventures.

    Site Updates

    01.18.20 - Its been a while since the last bump here, but we're always looking for members to write stories with us! join us for a new year and new excitement!


    10.06.19 - We had a small update on 09.30.19. Things are still moving along and stories are still being told!


    08.24.19 - Bump time! I don't have much to share (except that we have awesome people who have joined our ranks), but we're working on our next lore update! There's plenty around the corner for new and existing members in Khy'eras.


    07.21.19 - It's time for an update! Our first month went well and Khy'eras is soon heading into month two. Within that time, we've had quite a few lovely players join our ranks and create stories. Thanks to these folks, there have been a small number of amendments aimed to improve lore and iron out inconsistencies. We're looking forward to the future to see how Khy'eras further develops with its growing community. Do stop by and check us out!


    06.06.19 - We are newly opened as of 06.02.19! Stop by and check us out!

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