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    All at once, the Eidolon's restoration of Khy'eras was obliterated when Bhelest unlocked previously concealed magic. With newfound talents, Bhelest exiled the Eidolons and amassed legions of undead that haunted the land. Generations of dread and despair transpired until Cecilia of Fellsgard gathered followers to bring forth the mage's downfall.  Free from nightmares, the expansive realm flourished. People referred to Khy'eras as "The Neverend", unsure of its boundaries. Explorers journeyed from cities to uncover what Khy'eras had to offer. Some claimed that those who departed found only death, but others discovered something else entirely - hope and adventures. 

    03.05.21 - Still around and having another site wide event! https://khyeras.org/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=401


    01.04.21 - First set of 2021 updates for Khy'eras. "Collections" are now added! https://khyeras.org/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=388


    11.07.20 - A few updates to the forum have been completed, notably badges were added. But anyway, come join us for writing fun!


    10.17.20 - Making an edit to say we have our first event up and running to celebrate October!


    10.04.20 - We're still up and about.


    Find more updates and news here.

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