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    Welcome to the Big Easy, enriched in a culture and atmosphere all of its own, New Orleans is bound to have its share of secrets lurking just beneath the surface, not the least of which is the entire supernatural community lurking just in the shadows. Witches, werewolves, vampires and more walk among the human residents. And it's the best kept secret in New Orleans since it's establishment.


    Currently at KMS we have 37 he/him characters, 33 she/her characters, and 0 they/them characters.

    There are 23 Werewolves.
    6 Vampires are here.
    We have 16 Witches.
    4 Succubi & 2 Incubi are on the roster.
    4 Humans exist in New Orleans.
    We have 6 Shifters.
    There is 1 Demon in existence.
    There are 3 Djinn around.
    We have 3 Sirens here in New Orleans.
    We have 2 Phoenixes in the Big Easy.

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