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  • Licentia Reigns
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    Licentia Reigns

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Modern Magic, Mythical Creatures, Supernatural
    • RPG Rating: Licentia Reigns RPG Rating
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    The city of Bayou Saváge had always had its quirks and its secrets; whispers of unusual characters running businesses and strange behavior from neighbors were as commonplace as Friday night football games. Even with its secrets, it had an unusual charm about it that made it hard not to love.


    But the population is changing. Tension is growing among the odd-yet-lovable residents, and it seems to have everything to do with these new arrivals.

    Site Updates

    07/13/2020:Another month has gone by, and LR is shining brightly with new members and new characters! If you are looking for a relaxed and friendly community to join, come check us out! We all love to plot, and would be thrilled to have more people join our community. Currently we are in need of De'Ath vampire nest members, and witches in a variety of covens! We also have a new nomadic biker werewolf pack on site to plot with, and a bunch of wanted ads! Come join our crazy, fun loving, supportive, and mildly chaotic family!

    06/29/2020- Hey guys! I'm just doing a friendly bump!

    06/21/2020-We've added a couple of things to the site: Fate system and a Thread Roulette! Come check us out in our friendly community!
    06/12/2020-We've survived the first month! We've got a growing friendly community that would be happy to have more people to plot with. We are in need of Vampires, Male Werewolves, and Witches!
    05/26/2020- Just wanted to give an update! We have a nice little community so far that is all about plotting with everyone. If you're in need of a new home, want to enjoy writing again, and just want to fit in? Well Licentia Reign can offer that!


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    User Feedback



    A really great, friendly community with staff that are helpful and kind to everyone. Highly recommend checking this place out. 

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