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    Few records remain to tell the history of time before the first settlers found the Isles. Though ancestral lands might still exist beyond the vast Sea Cliff, the known world is limited to those islands and a single continent, which- over centuries- has become home to distinct countries and cultures.

    This world is experiencing a renaissance, a rebirth of learning, wisdom, and magic.

    Lyssea is a Medievalesque play-by-post RPG set in a fictional port city and the changing world around it.

    With the emergence of new magic, new religions, new sciences, and more, increased travel and trade across the continent has led to a rapid spreading of ideas and resources. Those with open minds and creative spirits are eager to travel and learn, while those with strong convictions and ambitions seek to preserve their ways of life or seize power. Potential breeds uncertainty, and many factions are making and breaking alliances as the stakes rise.

    Will you play a young mage pursuing education and opportunity in a foreign land? Perhaps an ambitious thief, who supports the crime guild as a means of protecting commoners from exploitation by the nobility. In any case, our story follows its cast of characters, through political shifts, monster-hunting, and more.

    Check out our Book of Lore to get started.

    lyssea.jcink.net | 18+ | Jcink Premium | No word count | No application


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