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  • Mad'ouk

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    • Type: Original
    • Fandom: My Fandom is not in the list
    • Genre: Animals: Canine
    • RPG Rating: Mad'ouk RPG Rating
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    If you're looking for the most engaging dog RP around, you've come to the right place. Mad'ouk is an ongoing story centered around the lives of four gangs of stray dogs as they fight to survive in the ever opposing city of Kah'ren. Players have the choice of joining a gang, striking out as a loner, or even taking a totally different path with a wild animal or cat.

    Mad'ouk is a friendly, welcoming community for all. After all, you're the most important part of the RP! We strive to make sure that everyone has a place and a voice with us. The roleplay's plots are shaped by yourideas! What your character does makes a huge impact in our world!

    Site Updates

    In late January, Chief Aadya requested to meet with Chief Navira. She told her that there were wild dogs, or Canna'how causing trouble in her territory...knowing how much trouble Canna'how can be since losing a Why'o to some months earlier, a plan was made to drive the offending breed out of Kah'ren.

    Since then, the Canna'how have continued to cause problems for the gangs. In all territories border control has increased, pups and apprentices have been ordered to stay home, and tensions are high.

    Despite the intense prejudice against 'how, many of the gangs have at least one in their rankings. These dogs, under enough scrutiny for their bloodline as it is, are now being recruited to join the wild ones. Will they stay or will they go?

    While the gangs are allied in the knowledge that they must drive the wolfdogs away, they are torn on how to do this. All they know is that it must be done for the safety of every dog in the city.

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