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    Like Kevin Smith's upcoming MotU: Revelation (Netflix), this site is also based on the Classic He-Man and She-Ra cartoons from the 1980s; however, this site is to be more dark and mature in nature than the 80s cartoons -- ie: not for little kiddos. Our aim is to continue the saga of the twins, Adam and Adora, and their counterparts, He-Man and She-Ra.


    Etheria is still under Horde rule; Skeletor is still trying to steal the throne from Randor and defeat He-Man. Will Etheria ever win peace? Will Adora ever get to return to her family on Eternia? And will she get to stay with them? Will Teela become the next Sorceress? Will the Snake Men again attempt to reclaim their lands from Skeletor? Will Randor tire of his lazy, do-nothing son, Prince Adam, and appoint someone else as heir to the throne of Eternia?


    We shall continue these stories here, in a more grown-up, medieval-esque, Game of Thrones-ish setting, where Magic is real; Science is real; and Technology is advanced, but only available to a very privileged few.


    This RP will be a blend of: historical, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, alien, supernatural, adventure, medieval-esque, steampunk, superhero, and war genres/themes. Maybe a dash of comedy, too.


    Come and join us!

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