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    • Book: Harry Potter
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      Historical Magic
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    the dark lord is defeated and the wizarding world rejoices;

     members of fringe movements are being rounded up

     and brought to justice swiftly and without prejudice

    but then, the end is only just another beginning.

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    Recently, a mass Azkaban breakout has shattered the illusion of peace the Ministry has tried so desperately to protect. In a bold move by newly freed Death Eaters, Millicent Bagnold, the Minister of Magic, was taken hostage and declared dead. The Ministry has refused to declare war, and the election to replace Bagnold is officially underway.

    Is the Ministry truthful of their agenda? Can the Order, and its broken factions, regroup and take a stand? Will Voldemort return, and if so, what will the Wizarding world look like? Will there ever be true peace?

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