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  • Midnight Dreams
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    Midnight Dreams

    • Type: Original
    • Fandom: Book: Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter
    • Genre: Horror, Human, Modern Earth, Modern Magic, Modern Superpowers, Supernatural
    • RPG Rating: Midnight Dreams RPG Rating
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    This is a world that you will be able to swiftly recognise, with kinds familiar places and things to do and see. In fact, there are many of the same kinds of challenges that are faced by those who call it home which we know as well. It is however, ever so slightly different our story revolves around the dynamic and challenging issues of having a cohort of former gods, know as FAERIE on your doorstep, throw in some undead in the shape of VAMPIRES and a few things that go bump in the night like LYCANTHROPES and even a few WITCHES and the mix swiftly becomes chaotic but no less amazing.

    It has never been easy for the fey to concede or compromise, however, when they were exiled from the lands of Europe and facing the possibility of extinction as a people they were more than willing to accept the invitation from the new (to them) colony of New Zealand to take up residence there. The centuries have passed and while everyone has grown used to the presence of the fey in New Zealand. It hasn't stopped the fey from feeling restricted and frustrated by their agreements.

    Then there are the rest of the races who live in and around Wellington, are all those vampires really trying to just live their lives? What about the lycanthropes, do they deserve to be treated as animals or humans? What about all those zombies as well, are they really something natural? There is a lot happening and plenty more to come.




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    We are now pleased to introduce SHAPESHIFTERS, come and check out the merfolk & the swanmanes!

    New out for January, the RATS and their Indiana Jones tendencies, alongside the noble VOLKOLAK (our shapeshifting bears) who have all kinds of pomp and privilege!

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       3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

    I have been rping for quite a few years now, have been to a few different sites and found great people to plot with, but none like what I have found on Midnight. This community is not only thriving but also so very welcoming. From the moment that you join people want to help you in developing a character or finding a way that they can connect their characters to yours. Wanted ads rarely sit for long and everyone wants to plot with everyone. It is a nice change from many places that feel cliquish or even as if a new person has to put in all the effort just to be noticed. If you are looking for a great storyline, with fun plots and a welcoming community, then Midnight is the place for you. 

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       3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

    An exciting new take on something old, going back to the basics is a wonderful chance to remind everyone why we started in the beginning - to have fun and write together! And that is what we find here. The staff are welcoming but the members are what makes this a wonderful place to be, with plots, ideas and a passionate zeal they want to share with everyone they meet, so why shouldn't you join? There is absolutely no reason!

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