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    One of our main goals is to set free our members in order to allow them to write and create within our world and only with a few restrictions as possible to reflect the overall setting.

    This is why we don't have an application form but we do have development forums; we want you to make your character(s) and bring them here to share their stories but also to get right in and start writing them without a lot of background and detail that you might not have necessarily figured out right away. We also don't have a word count or any rules about post matching or mirroring; one word or one thousand we believe that you as writers know what you need to say and that is what matters.

    As a whole we consider ourselves to be a creative, enthusiastic and very dedicated group of roleplayers committed to character development and storytelling, with a side of world-building thrown in for good measure for those who might be interested.


    This site does not have anyone searching for a writing partner on the Initiative. If you are a member of this site consider joining and submitting a Writing Partner Search to show off here.

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    I have been rping for quite a few years now, have been to a few different sites and found great people to plot with, but none like what I have found on Midnight. This community is not only thriving but also so very welcoming. From the moment that you join people want to help you in developing a character or finding a way that they can connect their characters to yours. Wanted ads rarely sit for long and everyone wants to plot with everyone. It is a nice change from many places that feel cliquish or even as if a new person has to put in all the effort just to be noticed. If you are looking for a great storyline, with fun plots and a welcoming community, then Midnight is the place for you. 

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       3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

    An exciting new take on something old, going back to the basics is a wonderful chance to remind everyone why we started in the beginning - to have fun and write together! And that is what we find here. The staff are welcoming but the members are what makes this a wonderful place to be, with plots, ideas and a passionate zeal they want to share with everyone they meet, so why shouldn't you join? There is absolutely no reason!

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