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  • Modus Operandi

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    Modus Operandi

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Modern Superpowers, Mythical Creatures, Supernatural
    • RPG Rating: Modus Operandi RPG Rating



    The world isn't as it seems, and New Yorkers certainly know that well. While the element Asterium is not widely understood, those in the city's underground know better. For millenia, humans have known of this energy. They called those born with it in their bones changelings and mutants. Legends have told of werewolves and vampires for centuries. Those who can harness it became witches and warlocks. All they know now is that some things are better kept secret, and where else can you hide a secret better than New York City?


    Modus Operandi is a modern supernatural RPG taking place in New York City. In our world, there's a mysterious energy known as Asterium, an element in the world that has long coexisted with this energy, that now manifests itself in the strange and wonderful species that exist out there. From vampires and shifters to demi-gods and mutants, their various forms are recorded into history, but few know of their existence, and many who do simply see them as a threat or a key to scientific discovery. They must live their everyday lives, knowing that their mere existence can cause more trouble than its worth. 


    Modus Operandi includes...

    – no wordcount 

    – eight species with variations and options 

    – small but active community

    – relaxed activity checks 

    – extra perks for optional point system

    Site Updates

    The world isn't as it seems, and New Yorkers know it well. In a world where a mysterious energy has allowed supernatural creatures to exist, legends and old wives tales are true, and people are not always who they say they are, those who know its secrets know that the truth is often best kept a secret, and after all, where else can you hide a secret better than New York City?

    We are currently in the process of starting a site mini-plot! Come join us! 

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